The overdrive pedal is an essential part of every guitarist’s kitbag. I wanted to take Fulltone’s ubiquitous ‘Fulldrive 2’ for a spin. I’ve used it for years and always found it to be able to balance just the right level of overdrive with some decent clean boost sounds – ideal for anyone playing Blues/Jazz/Rock etc.

I think it’s always important to explore as many of the settings as possible but inevitably, as guitar players we usually find 2/3 sounds that we like and end up sticking with those! This video demo should help anyone who is interested in hearing a few different variations. I tried to keep things fairly neutral too (clean guitar signal through valve amp).

Clearly, nothing beats trying the pedal out for yourself. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of using this pedal through your own guitar and amp (where possible), It’s all relative!

Please share any thoughts you have on the video itself and whether you feel there is anything else you’d like to see in my gear reviews.