I recently got hold of a fantastic Martin OMC 15-E Series Guitar for this video demo. In this video I compare it with my trusty Taylor Academy Series 10E to highlight how the guitar actually sounds.

If you want to skip ahead, I demonstrate in a few different styles at various points in the video:

2:41 – Acoustic Strumming, open chords
3:31 – Acoustic Fingerpicking, open chords
4:06 – Power chords & Open Chords played with an aggressive attack
4:43 – Fingerpicking Folk Style with muted bass notes (Foy Vance – Homebird)
5:33 – Fingerpicking Folk Style (Jake Bugg – Someone Told Me)
6:00 – Acoustic Blues
7:07 – Acoustic R&B Chords
7:55 – Single Note Lines ( E major Scale)