In this ‘Guiding Light’ guitar lesson I take you through Foy Vance’s beautiful acoustic tune, ‘Guiding Light.’ It’s a great introduction to using alternate tunings. Take time to learn the chord shapes first and try to relate them to open chords that you already know. 

With a tune like this, you need to focus on learning it using your ears as much as possible. For this reason, I run through each section of the tune in the lesson, it’s then up to you to put these in context. When starting to learn full songs you have to train yourself to listen. By listening for cues in the music – you’re able to focus more on playing and less on thinking, which is always a good thing!

Don’t forget the stick a capo at 4th fret and tune (low to high) as below:







Jump Ahead:

Tuning 0:36

Chord Shapes 1:22

Verse 3:03

Chorus – 3:34

Strumming Pattern – 3:57

Verse (with strumming pattern) 4:51

Chorus (with strumming pattern) 5:21

Slides & Embellishments 5:49

Bridge 7:00

Particularly awesome live version by Mr Vance himself:…

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