The Complete Beginner’s Online Guitar Course

Starting to learn the guitar can be quite a daunting task. The huge amount of various online courses often bombard you with  promises to make you a ‘master of the guitar in 3 easy steps’. Unfortunately, the reality is it takes a lot of work to master something. I can’t promise to turn you into an expert in 10 days, but I can offer you an absolutely basic introduction to the guitar with structured and easy lessons to set you up with everything you need.

I have been using my own method for years and it’s provided hundreds of students with a foundation they need to learn the guitar, no matter how far they wish to take it.

Level One: 

Level One starts right from the beginning. The practical aspects of what guitar to buy, how to sit and whether you should use a pick.

1. Which Guitar Should I Buy?
2.Posture & Left Hand Position
3.Choose Your Pick & Don’t Fret
4.Top 5 Practise Tips
5.How To Tune Your Guitar

Level Two 

Level Two introduces you to the essential chords to get started, guides you through some basic rhythm and adds in some shortcuts for changing chords.