Guitar Gear Reviews

When you’re shopping for a new guitar, amp or pedal – online video reviews make the process a whole lot easier. However, I’ve often found that other reviews largely make all equipment sound the same – If you give a decent musician a piece of equipment, they’re going to make it sound good. As great as this is, it’s not much help in discovering what it actually sounds like.

In these reviews, I try to provide as much variation in the sound as possible as well as being consistent in what I play if I change the settings of the amp, guitar or effect.

Would you like to see something else reviewed? Let me know, I’m always looking for excuses to purchase new equipment!

guitar gear reviews Guildford
1. Martin OMC 15-E Series Guitar ReviewThis review compares Martin’s 15-E Series with Taylor’s 10e Academy series in order to provide a perspective on the sound of both instruments.
2.MXR Custom Comp DemoEver used a compressor pedal? Like to know how to use one? This review takes a look at MXR’s ‘custom comp,’ whilst providing an overview of how and why to use compression.
3.Session Blues Baby 45 – Amp ReviewBut transistor amps are rubbish right? Not this one, Session’s BB45 provides a very welcome alternative to the restraints of valve amps, 45 watts and it reacts the way that you would expect a valve amp to.
4.Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Guitar Pedal ReviewWhere to start when choosing an overdrive pedal? Fulltone’s offering has been widely acclaimed as one of the greats. This two stage overdrive has varying modes on both stages. Want to hear what it sounds like?
5.What does an £80 guitar sound like?This Stentor SX series guitar was left over from some guitars I used for a workshop recently. Before selling it, I wanted to see what it really sounded like so I put it through it’s paces, see how I got on.