Quick Guitar Tips

This is the where you can pick up some quick and easy tips, designed to improve your playing in short bursts without committing to an entire course. Check out a few of the new lessons below which do vary considerably in difficulty.

All the lessons are guaranteed last between 5-10 minutes in length, perfect for a quick fix.

1. What is the 6/9 chord? JazzAn introduction to the 6/9 chord and how to use it to jazz up your playing.
2.SRV Blues – Learn Guitar With CharlieBluesA blues guitar tunraround lick in the style of the brilliant Stevie Ray Vaughan.
3.A7 Blues Lick – Learn Guitar With CharlieBluesA cool blues guitar lick to be played over and A7 chord and a great way to move to the iv chord (D7 in this case)
4.SRV/Albert King Style Blues Guitar LickBluesA classic blues lick which uses the A minor pentatonic scale, string bends and vibrato. A great one to add to your repertoire.
5.How To Play Bossa Nova – Guitar LessonBossa Nova/FingerstyleLearn how to play a basic Bossa Nova pattern on the guitar with an alternating bass movement.
6.E Dorian Legato Lick – Learn Guitar With CharlieRockLearn this cool legato lick using E Dorian scale, watch out for the slips and slides!
7.Bb Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson – Learn Guitar With CharlieJazz/BluesSome ideas to help spice up your blues rhythm playing, with a little bit of jazz thrown in!
8.Using scales to unlock the fretboard – Learn Guitar With CharlieFretboard KnowledgeThis is a lesson for those who feel that they are perhaps a little stuck in a rut with their scalic playing. The lesson discusses how playing scales across a single string can transform your understanding of the fretboard. I also show how this can encourage you to play more creatively, rather than being restricted by traditional scales shapes.
9.Hot Country Guitar Lick – Guitar LessonCountryThis rapid country guitar lick in the key of A was taken from Brent Mason's track, 'Hot Wired.'
10.How To Play – Classic Funk Guitar RiffFunkIn this lesson, learn to create your own funk guitar parts I break down a classic funk guitar riff into sections and show you how to then use these sections to create your own parts.
11.Guitar Lesson – Soul/R&B Rhythm Guitar LicksSoul/R&BThis lesson demonstrates some rhythm guitar examples to play over a static C Major 7th chord progression. I explain where and how the ideas came about in order to inspire to use them in your own playing.
12.Funk Rhythm Guitar Lesson – Creating RhythmFunkIn this lesson I outline the fundamentals required in order to play good funk rhythm guitar. I then go on to demonstrate four examples based around sixteenth note (semiquaver) rhythms.

​Guitar FAQ’s

This is the place to suggest and hopefully answer a lot of those niggling questions related to the guitar and music. I have devised a list of popular guitar FAQ’s which seem to pop up again and again.

What is ‘Good’ Guitar Technique

Ever wondered what good technique actually is and how to get it? It’s not just being able to play blisteringly fast, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Becoming a Guitar Tutor – Hints & Tips

In this video, I share some of my thoughts after over 10 years working as guitar tutor. This video should help those who are just starting out as well as those who want to grow their current student base and bolster their business.

How To Find A Good Guitar Teacher

What should you look for when searching for a guitar teacher? Whether it be for yourself or your child, I discuss some key factors to consider & offer advice for the uninitiated!

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