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Here you will find all of the my lessons which teach actual songs. Some of which may just teach specific sections of songs and some may provide guidance for the whole thing. I add to this list as often as I can and I’m keen to hear song requests from my community so that I can tailor my content to best serve everyone!

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Difficulty Ratings

The difficulty ratings below are there only as a guide but most importantly, they are there to give you an idea of what to expect from each lesson. Every student progresses at a different rate and some will find some things harder than others. With this in mind, you have to find what works for you. Don’t be put off by a difficulty rating but instead, use it to manage your expectations of what you’ll be able to achieve. Most of all, enjoy!


This covers those who are pretty new to learning to those who have been playing on and off for a couple of years. You’ll find things like: changes between open chords, basic strumming patterns and perhaps a few single note riffs. 


For those who consider themselves to be more experienced players and expect to see: barre chord shapes, some basic fingerstyle, fairly quick chord changes and some basic lead guitar ideas.  


You’ve been playing for a number of years and you very regularly commit a few hours a week to playing and practising. At this level, you may expect to find; bigger chord stretches, quicker changes, complex rhythms, extended chords, intricate fingerstyle playing and some fairly quick lead guitar riffs and solos.


Perfect for serious players and students of the guitar and for those who are looking for a challenge. You may find a variety of different styles, various technical challenges, complex rhythms, more ‘flashy’ lead guitar techniques, complex fingerstyle playing and perhaps even odd time signatures.

Song Lesson List

Message in a BottleThe PolicePop/RockIntermediate
More Than WordsExtremeAcousticIntermediate
Fast CarTracy ChapmanAcousticImprovers
What Do I Know? Ed SheeranAcousticIntermediate
Why Georgia (Intro Section) John MayerAcousticAdvanced
Highway To HellAC/DCRockImprovers
Song 2BlurRockIntermediate
Layla (Intro)Eric Clapton/Derek & The DominoesRockIntermediate
The Wind Cries MaryJimi HendrixRock BalladIntermediate
Always On The Run (Intro Riff) Lenny Kravitz & SlashRockIntermediate
I Believe In A Thing Called LoveThe DarknessRockIntermediate
Le FreakChicFunkIntermediate
Cissy StrutThe MetersFunkIntermediate
Billie Jean (Solo Guitar Bassline)Michael JacksonAcousticAdvanced
Good TimesChicFunkIntermediate
How To Play – ‘Homebird’ Foy VanceFoy VanceAcousticImprovers
Guiding LightFoy VanceAcousticIntermediate
Cory WongVulfpeckFunkIntermediate
The StumbleFreddie KingBluesIntermediate
I Won’t Let You FallFoy VanceAcoustic Intermediate
She BurnsFoy VanceAcousticIntermediate
JuiceLIzzoElectric Experienced
Thorn in My PrideThe Black CrowesAcoustic Experienced