Lesson Map

Navigate through all of my lessons – all in one place

With the growing number of lessons on my site, I decided to build this lesson map to help you navigate through and find what you want. To make things easier, the lessons are divided into categories which may also encourage you to drop in and out of lessons, as you wish.


What Can I Expect?

Open chords, basic strumming patterns and perhaps a few single note riffs.


What Can I Expect?

Barre chord shapes, basic fingerstyle, power chords, quick chord changes and some basic lead guitar ideas.


What Can I Expect?

Difficult chords, quick changes, complex rhythms, extended chords, intricate fingerstyle playing and advanced lead guitar riffs and solos.


What Can I Expect?

A variety of different styles, various technical challenges, complex rhythms, ‘flashy’ lead guitar  complex fingerstyle playing and odd time signatures.


Five Mistakes That Guitarists Make

Want to know the five things that guitarists and many other musicians get wrong?! In a departure from my usual lessons, I discuss the things that we commonly get wrong and what we can do to help ourselves from making all the same mistakes.

Ever wondered what good technique actually is and how to get it? It’s not just being able to play blisteringly fast, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Becoming a Guitar Tutor – Hints & Tips

In this video, I share some of my thoughts after over 10 years working as guitar tutor. This video should help those who are just starting out as well as those who want to grow their current student base and bolster their business.

How To Find A Good Guitar Teacher

What should you look for when searching for a guitar teacher? Whether it be for yourself or your child, I discuss some key factors to consider & offer advice for the uninitiated!