In order to offer the same great lessons to new students in schools, Charlie is now partnering with tutors who share his approach to providing dynamic and inspiring lessons. The lessons follow the same structure but are carried out by ‘partners’ under the ‘Learn Guitar With Charlie’ brand. 

Adam Hurley

Adam started partnering with Charlie to provide group ukulele and guitar lessons in September 2018. Adam delivers dynamic and inspiring lessons to large groups which have since become very popular with students and parents alike. When he’s not delivering lessons, Adam works as a session musician, performing live throughout the country. A couple of his recent career highlights include:

  • Music Performance graduate from The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP)
  • Worked with Recent BBC Radio 1 track of the week (Oct 2018) Artist Kate Lomas and Soul/Jazz artist Lioness  

Becoming a Partner

If you’re passionate and committed tutor who is interested in working with Charlie, please email Charlie directly to discuss existing and future opportunities.