Why Learn Music Theory?

Musicians who start off as being predominantly self taught will sometimes limit their exposure to fundamental music theory. This allows them to rely on the more organic approach of using their ears or picking up what they can from the use of books, magazines and the internet. Of course, this ‘organic’ approach is by no means a bad thing! However, even just a basic understanding of some the simple elements of music theory will improve your understanding and even aid your ability to write songs, improvise and be musical!

GCSE Music Theory Guides

The lessons below act as revision for the GCSE music syllabus. However, they are a great place to start, you don’t need to be studying at GCSE level to make the most out of them. Each Lesson comes with a supporting PDF sheet available to download.

1. GCSE Music – Major Scales
2. GCSE Music – Minor Scales
3. GCSE Music – Major Scale Intervals
4. GCSE Music – Key Signatures
5. GCSE Music – Chords