Why Learn Rhythm Guitar?

Learning to play rhythm guitar is a hugely important part of learning the instrument. It is often massively underrated and it should receive just as much attention as you might dedicate to learning how to play your favourite lead guitar solos.

This section of the site covers some basic skills to get you started, starting with a quick recap of the basic elements of rhythm from the beginner’s course.

The Basics of Rhythm Guitar

Basic rhythm guitar skills require a foundation in the understanding of fundamental rhythm. Have a quick brush up on your rhythm  skills with the two lessons below before you get started.
Guide to Basic Rhythm (4 beats to the bar) (Level Two – Lesson 5)
The Upstroke Strum (Introducing Quavers) (Level Three – Lesson 3)

Really Useful Rhythm Guitar

The Really Useful Rhythm Guitar series aims to take a look at some of the more advanced elements of rhythm and turn them into practical rhythm guitar parts. Check out each stylistic example below: