The Practice Plan

I’ve always attempted to use practice templates both for myself and for use in my lessons, but I never managed to stick with them. However, throughout my years of teaching, I’ve experimented with a load of different ideas with regards to how I’d like a template for practice to look, based on how students tend to respond to targets and goals. I don’t believe that practice should be focussed on many different areas all at once but should instead be focussed on one core aim, accompanied by a clear plan of how to achieve it.

The questions within the template encourage you to consider: specificity, goal setting, acknowledging failure and understanding your own motivation for doing something. In order for these to work, you need to be honest with yourself and follow the questions reasonably closely.

To give you a practical idea of how these templates can be used, I’ve filled out an example which outlines how you might use it to work towards a goal, along with a clear description of the information you’d need to include. Notice how specific everything is. There is little room for ambiguity!